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NJ Domestic Abuse Lawyer

Domestic violence & abuse crosses social, economic, racial and cultural boundaries.

When allegations of domestic abuse are made, they need to be addressed quickly and proactively. These charges are difficult, emotional and complicated by the fact that the witnesses are generally married or habituating couples themselves.

Children could also be involved, and any testimony they give could be biased toward one party or the other, or could be tainted by a zealous prosecutor who asks leading questions. Domestic violence cases cross another boundary, a legal one, by having both family law and criminal components.

James Patton, has offices in Hackettstown and Livingston, New Jersey. He is an attorney with over 30 years of experience. His skills at handling both matrimonial law cases and criminal matters put him in an ideal position to address domestic violence allegations. Mr. Patton is capable of representing either men who have been accused of abuse or women seeking protection from an abuser.

Domestic Abuse New Jersey LawSince domestic violence is a hybrid between criminal law and family law, there are unique aspects that must be considered to succeed.  These include:

  • Investigating whether the accusations were made out of retaliation or to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings; if so, the charges may be dropped.
  • Depending on the circumstances, parties themselves may press charges, or the government may independently bring them. The defense strategy could be different for each.
  • Your best interests may be served by accepting a plea agreement or by seeking a diversion program like attendance at anger management classes, substance abuse treatment or counseling sessions.
  • If there were children in the home when the abuse occurred, then child custody may become an issue.
  • Orders of protection

Mr. Patton is here to handle all manner of domestic violence-related cases throughout Warren, Morris, Bergen, Sussex, Essex County and the surrounding New Jersey areas.