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New Jersey Child CustodyA divorce can be one of the most emotionally devastating events in your life.

There is often a strong sense of betrayal. There is uncertainty. And, there is fear. Fear that you will lose your children. Fear that you will lose your money. Fear that you won’t have enough to live on.

James Patton is an attorney with over 30 years’ experience with offices in Livingston and Hackettstown, New Jersey. He regularly represents men and women needing help with a divorce or a separation agreement.

Mr. Patton understands how devastating a divorce can be, not only on the parties themselves, but on their children as well. He also understands how fear can make the process of getting a divorce much harder and much more expensive.

If a divorce is uncontested and parties agree on major issues like property division and child custody, the process will go relatively smoothly.

New Jersey Divorce LawyerMr. Patton works closely with his clients to help them come to a fair settlement whenever possible. That is the best way to fashion an agreement that’s tailored to your marriage, your family and your needs. It’s also the best way to keep legal fees as low as possible. Preparing for and litigating a court hearing or trial can be expensive. It’s not always easy, given the emotions that are involved in a divorce. It takes time, patience and a calm approach. It also takes a lawyer who treats all parties with dignity and respect and who always keeps in mind just how devastating a divorce can be, not just to the parties, but to the children as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes people are unable to reach a fair settlement. When that happens, it’s necessary to go to the Court for help. Mr. Patton has the experience and skill to effectively take your case to court to fight for the relief you need.

Mr. Patton handles all aspects of divorce: child custody; removal of children from the state; child support; alimony; equitable distribution of marital assets and debt.

Recent cases include the recovery of assets fraudulently transferred to a third party by a client’s spouse; obtaining shared custody for a spouse falsely accused of sexually molesting a child; and litigating a case in which a spouse wanted to relocate out of state with the child.