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New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Divorce, Custody Battles and Child Support.

These can be some of the most emotionally devastating events in your life.  There is often a strong sense of betrayal. There is uncertainty. And, there is fear.

  1. Fear you will lose your children.
  2. Fear you will lose your money.
  3. Fear you won’t have enough to live on.

James Patton understands these fears and works with you to reach a fair result that minimizes your emotional and economic damage.

How can you be certain a result is fair?

Unless you are an experienced matrimonial lawyer, you have no way of knowing. That is where Mr. Patton can help by evaluating the evidence, foreseeing what a court will do and devising a strategy to achieve the most equitable result for you.

The easiest way to achieve an equitable result is for you and your spouse to reach a settlement agreement that is fair to both.

However, it takes two people to reach a fair settlement, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t settle.

Mr. Patton helps you determine if a trial is necessary, and if it is, he prepares and presents your case effectively.

Mr. Patton understands:

  1. How judges will rule based on the evidence in the case;
  2. Whether it makes sense to fight or settle;
  3. How to develop and present an effective trial strategy; and
  4. How to work efficiently to control costs and save you money.

Cases include:

  1. Recovered assets fraudulently transferred by a client’s spouse;
  2. Won shared custody for a spouse falsely accused of sexually molesting a child;
  3. Prevented a spouse from relocating with children out of state.