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Prosecutors are notoriously aggressive toward drug charges.

James Patton practices in both Hackettstown and Livingston New Jersey. He represents clients from Warren, Bergen, Morris, Sussex, Essex Counties and surrounding areas who have been charged with a crime.

Mr. Patton has handled complex charges of fraud, bribery, criminal enterprises, drug trafficking, conspiracies and murder. As a criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Patton has the ability to anticipate prosecution strategies and plan rebuttals for them. As a former prosecutor, he has an in-depth knowledge of how the state builds cases.

Prosecutors are highly trained and skilled. In order to prevail over them, your defense attorney needs to be more knowledgeable, more creative, savvier and more skilled. Mr. Patton has the experience you need to mount an aggressive defense. He works hard to minimize the consequences clients face, and proactively seeks reduction in charges, dismissals or plea bargains whenever possible.

Should negotiations fail, however, Mr. Patton is more than ready to go to trial. His superb skills in the courtroom have led to the New Jersey Supreme Court designating him as a certified criminal trial attorney.