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I have known Jim as a professional colleague for over 5 years. His demonstrated expertise as a criminal defense attorney is exemplary. During this period he has served as lead defense counsel in a very high profile criminal case that ran over several months. This highly complex case involved very unique and ground-breaking discovery procedures involving plaintiff and defendant testimony. While originally adjudicated in favor of the plaintiff, Jim skillfully and patiently persisted and succeeded in overturning the verdict on appeal. This case speaks to Jim’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, listening skills, persistence and persuasion capabilities on behalf of his client. I cannot think of a more highly qualified attorney to recommend to anyone facing a criminal court case and requiring defense counsel.

Testimonial from A.S.

I was a college professor and mother of two teenagers. I had never been in trouble with the law. I fell in love with a friend, a man with cerebral palsy who communicated by typing with one finger while someone provided support for his arm. We told his family that we had become romantically involved and that I was going to divorce my husband so that we could marry. They separated us, took away his access to communication, and filed a million dollar lawsuit accusing me of sexual assault. They also went to the police…

The day law enforcement picked me up for questioning, I returned to campus to learn that I was indefinitely suspended without pay. In a panic, I left voice messages with three attorneys whom I selected from an internet search. Jim called me back promptly and scheduled a meeting for early the next morning. I retained Jim as my legal counsel because, when he heard my unusual story, he asked smart, thoughtful questions. He had no background in disability rights, but he immediately understood that the issue in my case was the intelligence of the man I loved.

A six-year odyssey followed, through which Jim and Sandy stood staunchly by my side. More than a year passed before a grand jury indicted me. During that time, Jim and Sandy helped me obtain my divorce. After the indictment, it was another two-and-a-half years before my case came to trial. They succeeded in having a world-renowned expert in communication for people with cerebral palsy examine my friend, tracked down witnesses, and secured substantial evidence that my friend is intelligent and capable of consenting to sexual activity.

Then came the blows. In the months leading up to the trial, the judge made a series of rulings blocking all our evidence. Jim remained calm and confident, helping me to feel the same. He did not mislead me about how tough the judge was making it for me to get a fair hearing, but he knew I was going to have to be optimistic when I took the stand. Meanwhile, he was carefully laying the groundwork for an appeal should that prove necessary.

It did. I was convicted and sentenced to 12 years of incarceration. Jim—often joined by Sandy—traveled to the prison numerous times to consult with me as he worked on my appeal. My friends and family who attended the oral arguments before the Appellate Court said that Jim was brilliant. The three judges unanimously overturned the conviction, and I was released from prison after having served 21 months.

Jim practices as a criminal defense attorney because he believes with heartfelt conviction that people who have committed crimes deserve fair treatment by the justice system and, therefore, the best possible legal representation. He believed in my innocence, which means a lot to me, but I know that he treated me no differently than any other client. Regardless of our guilt, Jim listens carefully to all his clients, works hard and well on our behalf, charges reasonably for his services, and treats us in every way with respect and consideration. It made all the difference that I chose Jim as my attorney. Were it not for him, I would most likely still be incarcerated. Instead, I am reunited with my family and friends and, step by step, I am building a future for myself. Jim saved my life. He and Sandy will always have my deepest gratitude and respect.


I am an attorney who has known Jim Patton for many years.  I have first hand knowledge of his excellent and ethical representation of criminal defense clients and family/matrimonial law clients.  In one of his many high profile criminal defense cases, an adversary actually praised his representation and effective advocacy for his client.  I strongly recommend Jim!

Child Custody Testimonial

Jim was recommended to me by a friend who worked in the federal court system. At that time I needed a divorce attorney and this friend told me that if he needed a lawyer, he would choose Jim because he worked harder for his clients than any other lawyer he could name. He was familiar with Jim primarily from criminal cases, but said that if Jim also practiced divorce law, he’d be his pick without question.

Jim took the time early on to get to know me and to understand what I was looking to come away with both in terms of custody of my three year old daughter and financially. It took little time for me to develop a strong trust in Jim and for him to figure out how to keep me focused on my future and to look beyond the difficulties that the divorce brought on. (As Jim got to know me better, there were many times he was the only person who kept me from losing my mind or giving up hope.)

It quickly turned out that I was glad that I had hired an attorney with criminal experience. On our first day in court, my ex-wife accused me of abusing my daughter. Jim was immediately able to fight the allegation (and keep me out of jail) and I left court that day with visitation. Over the next few months, my visitation increased in a number of steps to what it is today — which is even more time than the visitation schedule the psychological custody evaluation called for. Over the next two plus years my ex-wife tried a number of similar tactics to separate my daughter and me, and each time Jim was able to quickly outmaneuver her and turn her attacks into victories for me. In the end, every accusation that my ex-wife made was thrown out as not credible.

Jim also did many other little things that, in my mind, set him apart. He always called me back the same day; he made himself available on off hours and on weekends when the need was there; and he always got the information he needed out of me and pushed me to work as hard as he was working for me.

As I look back on where I am today compared to where my life was on the first court date (almost five years ago) I recognize that through his skill and hard work, Jim won me as close to a complete victory as I possibly could have hoped for. More importantly, he won my daughter a life with her dad and family that could have been ruined from the start.

Federal Criminal Testimonial

I was exhausted and desperate before I met Mr. Patton. I was pushed into a corner by the prosecution without any hope. I was labeled as a spy, a thief and a liar. It was a real nightmare. I had no idea what I should do. The only choice I had was to fight or go to jail. From the first consultation, Mr. Patton went over all the coming steps with me, told me the reality and possibilities, helped me to calm down, helped me make informed choices and helped me prepare to fight.

In the court, Mr. Patton is a real star. He naturally became the center of the courtroom, overshadowed the prosecution. He fought vigorously and decently, defending my innocence, my reputation and my dignity. He turned an impatient and unfriendly judge into a caring and sympathetic listener. He turned a slam dunk prosecution case into a successful defense. Mr. Patton literally, thorough his expertise, made the whole courtroom live through the nightmare I had been through and he presented how hard the situation was for me and that I was innocent in many ways.

Mr. Patton successfully defended my reputation and dignity. I am able to go back to my life without the loss of a fortune and without going to jail. He was able to do it because of his unbelievable talent, his ability to assemble and lead a defense team of brilliant experts and professionals and most importantly, because of his persistence and hard work.

Among all the lessons I learned from this horrible experience, it is obvious that a good defense attorney can make all the difference while you need him. I would recommend Mr. Patton to anyone in deep water, as I was. He is the best.