With over 30 years experience as a Trial Lawyer in Federal and State Courts, Woolcock Patton offers excellence in presenting effective cases at trial and in negotiating favorable settlements for our clients.

Woolcock Patton’s approach is to put their clients in the best possible position. Based on their experience and in depth understanding of how courtroom decisions are made, Woolcock Patton explores all legal options available to their clients.

Woolcock Patton works closely with each client to:

  1. Identify all the evidence needed for a case;
  2. Explore case strengths and weaknesses;
  3. Develop potential courtroom strategies;
  4. Realistically assess the chances of winning or losing;
  5. Clearly identify the client’s options;
  6. Guide the client so that each is fully informed of all their options and is in control of the decisions that will affect their lives; and
  7. Maximize the benefit and minimize the risk in each case.

Our Pledge to You…

We pride ourselves on superior client service, responsiveness and support.  We recognize your fears and the pressures that come from criminal and matrimonial cases. We understand the impact these cases can have on you, your family, friends and employees. As our client, we focus on your needs to help you through these difficult situations.

  1. To serve as your advocate … someone fighting for you.
  2. To identify and advise you on your alternatives.
  3. To assist your decision making, so that you make a fully informed choice that is right for you.
  4. To maximize the benefit and reduce the risk of the strategy we select.
  5. To remain completely non-judgmental … regardless of your situation.
  6. To keep you fully up to date about the progress of your case.
  7. To return your phone calls within 24 hours.
  8. To always be professional and compassionate.
James Patton headshot

James Patton

Attorney At Law
9.4James Patton
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Sandra Woolcock

Attorney At Law
8.7Sandra D Woolcock